How We Teach Geography at St Thomas’

Muhammad Qasim Patel Y6: I didn’t realise that there were 16 points on a compass before one of our geography lessons about map work. After that lesson I knew them all off by heart and could use them to describe how to get to different cities in the United Kingdom. During International day I learnt so many interesting facts about the population, culture and traditions of Brazil.

Amberin Patel Y6: My favourite Geography topic has been about Bolton because we got to use a compass to figure out which direction you would go in to get to different towns and cities.

Lucie Holmes Y5: I like finding out about different countries and languages. I enjoyed our research on Paris.

Fatima Patel Y4: I really enjoy learning new things about people from different places. It was good to experience food from another country when we had our French food tasting lesson.

Imani Gajra Y4: I love learning about different countries.

Muhammad Patel Y4: I enjoyed learning about France especially the fact file we created in our ICT lessons.

Rodrigue Saidi Y3: I enjoyed tasting breads and matching which country they came from.

Adam Molyneux Y3: I liked looking for the countries and filling my answers and colouring my map.

Bilaal Chhadat Y2: I liked finding the different countries and colouring them in different colours.

Malaika Van der Westhuizen Y2: I enjoyed matching the countries to their flags.

In Geography pupils develop their knowledge of people and places to understand the physical, social and economic forces which shape those places and the lifestyle of the people who live there. We study local areas/issues and extend these studies into the wider world.

Through the Geography curriculum, we encourage pupils to develop a natural curiosity about the world and its people. We ensure our pupils are competent in the geographical skills needed to collect and analyse a range of data and information using maps, diagrams and globes.

Geography is taught as part of the Creative Curriculum.