How We Teach History at St Thomas’

Saffia Asim  Year 5 – I love drawing, painting and colouring at school. These skills have really improved this year, especially when doing self-portraits. 

Aisha Sumra Year 4 – I have fun doing art at St Thomas’. When James Naughton came to work with us, I enjoyed painting a sky scene on a card and I learnt a lot.

Bilaal Year 2 – I enjoyed painting bees on rocks to remember what happened in Manchester. 

At St Thomas’ our aim is to inspire our children to understand and know more about the past. Our History curriculum allows children to develop a sense of chronology, time and an understanding of how people lived in the past.

We teach children an understanding of how historical events and people have influenced our lives today. This will help children to understand the diversity of society, our own local history and challenges that have occurred over time.

Our History curriculum will help children to develop a natural curiosity that will equip them to ask questions, think critically, and develop perspective and judgement.

Please view our long term planning to see what we are going to learn this year.