How We Teach French at St Thomas’

“My favourite is the game where you put the right French word with the right picture” Talha Yr1-2

“French is brilliant – I like all the different activities that Madame Bridges does with us like, singing, dancing, and word activities. My favourite is answering questions in French” Zikera Yr3

“I love French because it’s very hard and fun at the same time! I’ve learnt so much” Ali Yr4

French is taught from Years 1-6 by our specialist Modern Foreign Languages teacher, Madame Bridges. Each class has a timetabled lesson of at least thirty minutes per week. The lessons are designed to motivate children from the first moment and are mainly practical in focus.

French lessons provide a variety of sources to model the language, the use of games and songs maximise enjoyment and make as many connections to real life situations as possible. Lessons focus on speaking and listening. However, when appropriate, children record written work informally in books which are passed through the years and become a portfolio of their learning.

French is also revisited in short sessions throughout the week to consolidate knowledge and ensure new language is retained, by the class teacher.

Our French teaching provides the foundation for learning further languages.