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Archie Bishop Community Challenge

Archie Bishop Community Challenge – Y5

Throughout 2014 and 2015, the year 5 children have been taking part in the Young Leaders Award. We were really excited to be involved in this programme which has been designed and written by the Archbishop of York Youth Trust.

The Young Leaders Award aims to equip young people to be the change they want to see in their local communities, and through a number of interactive lessons and practical challenges our pupils have been involved in serving their community and making a difference.

The award is currently available at Key stage 2, 3 and 4, and there are thousands of students across the North of England all taking part in changing their communities for the better … and we were one of them!

There were many opportunities for parents and family members to get involved in the community action projects that took place throughout the year and we are very grateful for their continued support.

At the end of the award each student received a badge and certificate and we hosted an awards assembly to share our work with the rest of the school.


Here is an overview of what we looked into:

Leadership – exploring leadership skills and how we can use them to change the world.

We set ourselves daily challenges and tasks to complete and recorded these in a progress grid.

Inspirational Leaders – inspiring leaders & people of faith who have changed the world.

We looked into the work of people like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Amy Carmichael, and Pope Francis.

The Local Community – including a walk around our local area.

We noticed there was a lot of litter around our local streets and got the whole school involved in a ‘Keep Halliwell Clean’ Campaign.

The National Community – looking at the ABYYT and other charities that bring about change.

In groups we researched charities such as Oxfam, Children in Need,  NSPCC, Comic  Relief, Help the Heroes, British Heart Foundation and  Cancer Research. We raised money for Children In Need by doing a cake sale. We raised over £170 and know all the money will be used to help children, not only in this country but abroad.


Community Action – the children prepared for and served in a local community project.

We did loads to help the community such as helping to spread the word about the problem of litter on our local streets. We designed poster, did a litter pick, designed and put leaflets through peoples’ doors and took part in a whole school assembly to remind everyone for the need to look after our local environment. We even ended up in the local paper, The Bolton News. We also helped to plant trees near our school and some of us sang at a local home for the elderly to brighten their day. Furthermore, we really enjoyed visiting Winter Watch – a place where the homeless and roofless people of Bolton visit in the winter time, for food, medicines and help. We will continue to help them out by donating our Harvest gifts to them every year.

“We really enjoyed taking part in the project, especially learning our Archie Bishop rap. It helped us to think about the values we share at our school such as love, respect, courage and hope.”

By the Year 5 children.


Throughout this project the pupils reflected on the community action project through their Archie Scrap books and recognised what it means to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’ and ‘be the change you want to see’!

Through the community action project the children found out about people who are suffering from injustice, and now know that through serving others they can help to change this.

The children participated in a community project which built relationships and encouraged partnership. The desire for people to change their communities for the better will hopefully grow.

Our pupils experienced different cultures and gained a respect and understanding of different community groups. This showed in their attitudes as they completed the community action project, ‘Keep Halliwell Clean’.