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Leading Parent Partnership

At St Thomas’ (Halliwell) CE Primary School we recognise the importance of parental involvement in the life of our school and highly value this partnership. The LPPA is a recognised award and is externally validated. It provides a challenging framework that enables schools to strengthen their partnership with parents and carers. Achieving the LPPA is a developmental process which, through the involvement of parents aims to enhance children’s life chances as young people and adults.

In October 2014 the school was successful in achieving this award for the second time. As a school we value the support and contribution of our Parents and Carers in all aspects of their child’s school life, both within and beyond the classroom, and as such we saw that by investing time and commitment pursuing this award we would ensure that we continued to build upon these relationships. Our commitment to achieving the award provided us with an audit that showed our strengths in our partnership with parents and a way forward to develop ourselves as an inclusive learning community. We are delighted to have undergone the rigour of the process and to have achieved this prestigious award. Strengths Identified in the review:

  • The Headeacher has a very clear vision and promotes a strong ethos for involving Parents and Carers in the life of the school in order to support her aim of high achievement, attainment and attendance of pupils. This leadership continues to facilitate new approaches and initiatives for increased parental engagement.
  • St Thomas’ Primary has improved and supported the sustainability of parental involvement through strategic planning and by it being a priority in the Community Cohesion Plan. The Community Cohesion Co-ordinator drives forward parental involvement initiated throughout the school with her knowledge of the school community and enthusiasm.
  • The school values that reassessment demonstrates that parental involvement is valued, celebrated and recognised.
  • The diversity of children and their parents is embraced and celebrated, for example with the development of a whole school prayer, appointment of bi-lingual staff, and close links with A.C.I.S. for families of new arrivals.
  • There is a range of activities and workshops to help Parents and Carers support their child’s learning, such as Read Write Inc., Family Learning workshops and Reading Picnics.  Information is provided through SATs and Meet the Teacher meetings. The website also offers resources to support learning, such as Bug Club, where families can access books online that they have been reading in school, to promote both home school links and the love of reading.
  • Parents and Carers are well informed of their child’s learning. The reading diaries are an excellent vehicle for daily communication between home and school to ensure Parents and Carers are aware of their child’s reading, levels and targets. Learning journals offer a creative way of completing homework and providing curriculum information.
  • St Thomas’ is taking part in a pilot, with a view to further involve Parents and Carers in children’s assessment in Foundation Stage and the school expects the increased engagement of Parents and Carers in their child’s learning as a result.
  • School communicates well with Parents and Carers through accessible newsletters, text messaging and an attractive informative website. Senior leaders encourage informal conversation at school entrances and staff are outside on the playground at the start and end of the school day
  • Parents and Carers value that the individual needs of children and their families are met and that they are encouraged to attend events and to support their children’s learning.  ‘Our children are so enthusiastic so we want to help our understanding of how to help them’ (parent).
  • St Thomas’ Primary has evidence of measured success and improvement that have improved alongside a focus on learning for children and their families through parental engagement. This includes increased attainment and attendance of children and increased attendance at events.


Areas for Development:-

  • To promote parental involvement through sporting activities.
  • To consider the use of social media to support parental engagement through a school app. and/or school blog
  • To further develop family learning workshops.

More information about the award can be found here: http://www.lppa.co.uk/

We would like to thank all of the Parents/Carers and friends of St Thomas’ for your continued support.

We would also like to thank all of the staff at St Thomas’ and Mrs Booth for her hard work and dedication as the Leading Parent Partnership Co-ordinator.​