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We will be using Heartsmart resources to deliver PSHE lessons with the children. To learn more about Heartsmart click through to their website http://heartsmartprimary.com/

We are delivering ‘Heartsmart’ at our school as part of PSHE and SMSC.  The programme is designed to support children to build resilience, emotional intelligence and active empathy.  It enables children to adopt a growth mind-set whilst maintaining a healthy emotional self. HEARTSMART is about loving and accepting ourselves as well as loving and responding well to others.   The programme is focused around Boris the Robot which helps to motivate children to become actively involved with the programme and learning.  There are 5 themes (known as ‘High Five’) that Boris shares throughout the year which are linked to the principles of feeling valued, considering others and showing empathy, forgiveness, being truthful and not giving up when faced with a challenge.

Our Heartsmart Robots (Gallery)


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Last Updated On January 31, 2019