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Reception RS

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Reception RS – Miss Hoban

In Reception, it is our passion to create a stimulating and an exciting environment where your child can learn through play. Early Years is such a crucial time in children’s lives and we want to provide exciting opportunities to develop their independence, confidence, resilience by exploring their curiosities.

We love and carefully plan activities in our indoor and outdoor environment where your child will learn to do things for themselves by exploring, observing, discussing and investigating.

In Reception, we truly believe and adopt a growth mind-set to prepare your child for the ever changing world around them and to help their own personalities blossom throughout their first year in school. Reception is the foundation and the starting chapter of your child’s education and we are here to provide a happy, caring, safe and stimulating environment where they are free to explore and enjoy their first steps in education.

Reception Learning Environment

Last Updated On May 03, 2019