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Staff Training

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2018-2019Communicating with parents
Autism training
Sensory Support in the classroom
Visit to Greenfold Special School
Precision teaching
Sign a long course
Teach Team
Visits to Ladywood School
Sensory processing
Aided language stimulation
Supporting children with social communication and interaction needs
Early Year SENCo refresher
Early Help Training
PCR/Annual review training
Grammar training
Supporting children with maths


2017-2018SEND Briefing
Autistic Spectrum
Working Memory
SEND Outcomes
Supporting Speech and Language within the classroom
Social, Emotional and Behavioural Training
SEND and the Inspection Framework
Early Help update
Heartsmart Training (Mental Health)
Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
Communicating through visuals
The use of visuals to support learners in the classroom
The use of ICT to support SEN children


2016-2017Communicating with parents
Supporting speech and language in the classroom
Behaviour management strategies
Use of visuals to support within the classroom
Early Help update training
Early Years SEND management
Early Years SEND Briefing
The use of the bar model to support learners in numeracy
RWInc update training 1:1 intervention
Use of ICT to support learners in the classroom
Epi Pen training
Last Updated On May 23, 2019