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You Said, We Did!

You Said, We Did!

You Said…We Did!

At St Thomas’, we pride ourselves on the wonderful relationships we have with our Parents/Carers and the wider community and value the feedback we receive about how we can further improve our school.

Here are some of the things that have happened in school as a result of responses to questionnaires or discussions with the Headteacher or teaching staff:

You Said… We Did!
How can I support my child with reading at home? Parents/Carers are invited to a Reading Picnic at the start of the year where teacher’s model how reading is taught in school which can then be replicated at home.
Can you improve the quality of reading books that are available for the children in school? The school successfully applied for Foyles Trust funding which has transformed the reading areas in all classrooms. Each year group now has access to a wide variety of high quality books
How is Maths taught in school? Parents/Carers are encouraged to attend Maths workshops on a termly basis. Bespoke Maths lessons have also been put in place covering specific skills following feedback from the workshops e.g. fractions. They also receive a Maths newsletter providing information about what their child is learning in Maths at school each term.
What books should my child be reading? A recommended reading list is available on the school website.
Can you improve the KS2 playground to make playtimes and lunchtimes more enjoyable for the children? The KS2 has been transformed and there is now a MUGA area, artificial grass, gym equipment and benches for the children to use at playtimes and lunchtimes.
Can you help me to get my children to school on time? A walking bus is now in place for Parents/Carers who were struggling to get their children to school on time. The school also has a Breakfast Club which has doubled in size due to popular demand over the past two years.
Are there any parenting courses available to provide strategies on how to manage my child’s behaviour at home? Triple P Parenting Classes take place at the school on a termly basis and can be accessed by all Parents/Carers.
Would it be possible to have ESOL classes for Parents/Carers whilst my child is in school? ESOL classes are held on a weekly basis in St Thomas’ Church during school hours.
Can I have some support in making sure my child is toilet trained before they start school in September? Toilet training workshops take place on an annual basis to look at the problems that can arise during toilet training and how to overcome them.
Results from Parental Questionnaires 2019
100% of Parents/Carers feel that their child is safe at our school.
100% of Parents/Carers feel that their child is taught well at our school.
100% of Parents/Carers feel that their child is well cared for at our school.