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Muhammad Qasim Patel Y6: I didn’t realise that there were 16 points on a compass before one of our geography lessons about map work. After that lesson I knew them all off by heart and could use them to describe how to get to different cities in the United Kingdom. During International day I learnt so many interesting facts about the population, culture and traditions of Brazil.

Amberin Patel Y6: My favourite Geography topic has been about Bolton because we got to use a compass to figure out which direction you would go in to get to different towns and cities.

Lucie Holmes Y5: I like finding out about different countries and languages. I enjoyed our research on Paris.

Fatima Patel Y4: I really enjoy learning new things about people from different places. It was good to experience food from another country when we had our French food tasting lesson.

Imani Gajra Y4: I love learning about different countries.

Muhammad Patel Y4: I enjoyed learning about France especially the fact file we created in our ICT lessons.

Rodrigue Saidi Y3: I enjoyed tasting breads and matching which country they came from.

Adam Molyneux Y3: I liked looking for the countries and filling my answers and colouring my map.

Bilaal Chhadat Y2: I liked finding the different countries and colouring them in different colours.

Malaika Van der Westhuizen Y2: I enjoyed matching the countries to their flags.