Literacy and Language

Literacy and Language is a complete literacy programme for fluent readers – all children in Years 2 to Year 6 read, write and discuss texts with maturity.  The programme is totally aligned to the new National Curriculum in a fun and meaningful way.  (View the curriculum matching grids)

Literacy and Language:

  • Gives every child a deep understanding of what they read using complete texts by leading authors and introduced through the special ‘three-step’ approach.
  • Fully prepares every child for writing using a planning, drafting and revising method.
  • Teaches grammar in context so that children can apply it with understanding seamlessly in their own writing.
  • Supports the grammar and punctuation aspects of the Key Stage 1 and 2 tests.
  • Includes practice tests to build confidence prior to statutory assessment.
  • Our literacy and language program develops children into articulate speakers where children reason and justify their answers and learn how to present and debate.
  • We also engage children with drama and discussion: our children write confidently because they have something to say.
  • Literacy and Language children write confidently and enthusiastically because they have a purpose and audience for their writing.
  • Our children are given strategies to ask and answer questions.
  • We fully demonstrate writing to our children and show them how plan, draft and edit their written work.
  • We work collaboratively, using partner work to build resilient learners who enjoy being challenged.
  • We strive to create a love of literacy in our pupils.
  • And they love reading for pleasure – the biggest indicator of success.

Please click below for Literacy Policies:-

Literacy Policy

Handwriting Policy


Literacy and Language Schemes of Work:-


Literacy and Language Y2 Scheme of Work

Literacy and Language Y3 Scheme of Work

Literacy and Language Y4 Scheme of Work

Literacy and Language Y5 Scheme of Work

Literacy and Language Y6 Scheme of Work